Past Performers

Some of the amazing artists who have graced the TCFF stage. 

All Fired Up
Andrew Ross
Art of the Possible
The Barrowdowns
Becka de Haan
Before the Mast
Ben Ross
Big Monday Blues
Blaire Webber
Brian Calder
Brooklyn Doran
Bruce Watson
C A Jackson
Cabin Fever
Campbell & Green
Calum Jackson
Carla Bonnell
Carlin Fraser
Carly Maicher
Celtic Discovery Performance Troupe
Conor Dougherty
Coral Bear
Country Doug and Lavallee
The Cucumber Bayers
Dale Branscombe
Dan Chevrier
Dan MacCormack
Darren Bartlett
David deDourek
David Somerville & The Somerville Band
David Wills
Different Folk
Donnie Gorman
Double Dutch Hutch
Drew Gilbert
Dwane Drost
The Emburys
Emily Rockharts
Eric Leblanc & George Steeves
Extraordinary Measures
The Falling Leaves
Fiddlers Fancy
Four Sheep to the Wind
George Denning
Glenn Mcfarlane
Gordie Munro & Blue Train
Grasse Roots
Gillian Nicola
Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra
Hal Babcock

Helen Mackinnon & Ron Bagnall
High Strung & Isaac Gilbert
Jaclyn Reinhart
Jayme Fraser
Jean Yves Desjardins
Jeff DiPaolo
Jeff Zaat
Jesse Ashfield
Jesse Ferguson
jessii the artist
Jenny Biddle
Jill Harmonic
Jim and Kim Hadley
Jim Fraser
Joe Bonnell
Joe Ross
Jon Soderman & The Soderman Band
John Delany
Julio’s Garage
Katherine Moller
Keith & Meghan Lyons
Keith Faccey
Kevin Brennan
Kieran Smythe
Kylie Fox
Ladd & Lasses
The Lamey Brothers
Lance LePage
Lewis Morgan
Lindsay Foote
Liz & Tom Whidden
Local Talent
The Lonesome Line
Lynnea Rose
MacLellan & McKiel
Maggie’s Farm Revival
Margo Margo
Marianne Glover
Mark Currie
Mark Fisher
Marty Hawkes
The Marwills
Matchstick Mike & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys
Matt Comeau
Mattie Leon
The Medicine
Meghan & Gordon Dougherty
Men From Earth
Michelle Daigle & Don Rigley of Frantically Atlantic
Mike Biggar

Mike Humble & Owen Steele
Mimi O’Bonsawin
Moon Joyce
The Morgan Comeau Band
Nadine Ives
Neil Morash
New Connection
Outside I’m a Giant
Paper Beat Scissors
Paula Tozer
The Penniac Glee Club
Peter Hicks
Peter Mason
Phoebe Legere
Raili Scott
The Refugees
Richie Young
Rick & Sean Hutchins
Rick Morehouse
Rick Sparkes & the Enablers
Rock Mission
Romey Heuff & Brooke Young
Rory Taillon
Ryan Cook and Sunny Acres
Rosewood Groove
Salty Dog
Sarah & Meghan Shaw Shadowhand
Sharon Stanford-Rutter’s Irish Dance Troupe
Shelby Fraser
Silver Sound
Sissy & The Hobos
The Straight Ahead Duo
The Stratified Stevie Gullison
Stuv’d Bunstah & The Dibbley Junsters
Tequila Sheila
Terry Ingraham
The Tortoise, The Hare and the Millionaire
The UnHeard
Weekend Vendetta
Wicked Vices
Will Crocco
The Willie Stratton Band
Yves St Laurent
Zachary Lucky

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