Activities for all ages


Saturday 4 pm – Wildlife-friendly gardening & paint a  garden sign with Nadine Ives

Learn how you can entice pollinators and birds to your garden by providing them with what they need. Paint a cedar shingle sign to welcome all to your garden. This activity is for all ages.


Saturday 10 am – Music Theory for Self-Taught Musicians with Genevieve MacRae

Ever wondered why that chord fits there the way it does?  Genevieve teaches music privately in Fredericton and has a special love for music theory & understanding how & why music works the way it does. She will do her best to provide you with some insight into the structure of the songs you’ve been playing.


Saturday 11 am – Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditation with Nancy Anderson

Nancy has been teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years to people of all shapes, sizes, and physical ability.  Her approach is directed by the people in front of her with a focus on release and relaxation. Meet in the field below the performance barn.


Sunday 11 am – Guitar Care & Maintenance with Colin Fowlie

That beloved guitar brings you so much joy – how about showing it some love? Colin will take you through the process of restringing an acoustic guitar (no more embarrassing ‘what do I do now?’ when that string breaks!) and go over basic guitar care – things to look for and check on, how to maintain the fingerboard, deal with humidity, etc.



600 acres of room for roaming, picnics and biking, swimming in the River Tay.


Spontaneous jam sessions , jam tent, toast and jam…. Well, maybe bring your own toast … and your instrument(s)!

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3888 Route 620 (Royal Road), Tay Creek, NB, E6B 1K2


Summer months only

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